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There are few people who don’t see the environmental benefits of the move towards electric vehicles (EVs). But, while the sentiment adds up, does the transition to renewable energy for cars fill you with dread?  Under current Government plans, all new cars sold will have to be electric by 2030 and this means that demand for electric car charging points will soar. Think of the queues at “petrol” stations and public charging points and that’s before you think of the costs of charging your electric vehicle (EV) at a charging station and the automatic charges if you happen to be a minute late unplugging your car from the charger.

Add to this the inconvenience of having to wait while your car charges if there is no publicly accessible charging point installed within close proximity to your home. That’s before you even consider the idea of your car needing to be charged in the middle of the night for an unexpected journey or if you’ve forgotten to charge it (who hasn’t run out or nearly run out of petrol at some point in their life?).

With all these considerations and potential problems, installing a home car charging point is, without doubt, a great idea. But where to begin?

As an experienced installer of single-phase car charging points, Peninsula Electrical can help. With our fast, efficient and fully-certified EV charger installation service, we can make it as simple to charge an electric car as it is to pop the kettle on — which you can do at the same time — when you have a car charging point at home.


How to charge an electric car at home

As electric cars are still “relatively” new, some people stick to public charging points as they think charging a car at home is complicated or expensive. But it doesn’t have to be. Home EV charging can save you both time and money. 

There are only a few, simple things you need to charge an electric car at home:

  • A driveway or garage (off-road parking)
  • The correct electricity supply (18th edition of the IET Wiring Regulations, We can check this for you)
  • A suitable charging cable 
  • A charging point

At Peninsula Electrical — apart from the off-road parking — we take care of everything else involved in installing a home car charger for you.

Installation usually takes around two hours and we aim to fit your EV charger within a matter of days from your placing your order.


Can you charge an EV with a standard plug socket?

It is possible to charge an electric vehicle with a simple three-pin plug and a charging cable plugged into your domestic electricity supply as you would with any other electrical appliance. But this isn’t recommended for several reasons.

The main reasons are that it takes a great deal longer to charge your EV this way (up to 30 hours to fully charge your car) and a few of us have 30 hours to wait around, which means that your electric vehicle (EV) will rarely be fully charged when you need to use it.


How efficient are EV home charging points?

The professional single-phase car charging points installed by Peninsula Electrical deliver 7kW of power to your car, whereas a domestic energy supply will usually only supply a maximum of 2.3kW. If this sounds complicated, in layman’s terms it means: a professionally fitted car charging point delivers about three times the amount of electricity compared to using a standard 3-pin plug. Or in other words, a car charging point will charge your EV about three times faster than simply plugging it into the wall.

In addition, a professional charger installation will be fit for the purpose. Our single-phase charger installations are suitable for outdoor use, resilient to exposure to the elements and are bonded, making them safer and reducing the risk of overloading your domestic electricity supply. Furthermore, by having a car charging point installed, it can be located in the most accessible, safest and most convenient location, in relation to where you regularly park your car.

Home car charging points are not only extremely efficient in terms of time, supply and safety, they are also cost-efficient. It costs significantly less charging at home compared with charging an electric vehicle at a public car charging point.


Costs of installing a home charger

The cost of installing EV chargers varies depending on certain factors such as the position of the charger installation and the number of chargers required (i.e., for one or two cars), but there is a single one-off charge and the cost of this can be recouped as it is significantly cheaper using home chargers versus public car chargers.

In addition, there are Office for Zero Emissions Vehicles (OZEV) grants available from the Government under the Electrical Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) to have a charging point installed. Although the grants for single dwellings (e.g., a house or bungalow) end on 31st March 2022 (for installation by the end of April 2022), OZEV grants are still available for people who live in flats or rental accommodation (with the landlord’s permission). These can be up to £350 including VAT, so make installing home chargers, even more, cost-effective.

Even without an OZEV grant, the one-off cost of charger installation will soon be offset through saving money compared with the cost of using public electric car charging points.


How to get an EV home charging point

To get an EV home charger all you need is a private driveway or garage and wiring that complies with the 18th edition of the IET Wiring Regulations (our electricians will check this for you before any work begins). The rest is simple, just ask a professionally certified company such as Peninsula Electrical to fit your electric car charging points. It really is as simple as that. Contact us to find out just how simple it can be.


Why choose Peninsula Electrical for EV Charging Installation

With Peninsula Electrical you can be sure of quality workmanship and an established name you can trust for car charging point installations. A NAPIT full scope registered company, Peninsula Electrical have been providing domestic and commercial electrical installations across the Wirral, Liverpool and the North of England since 2003. Don’t take our word for it, our client testimonials and case studies speak for themselves.

When it comes to EV charger installations, Peninsula Electrical offers a fast and superior end-to-end service: from checking and certifying that your supply and wiring is adequate; through fitting the EV charger unit, supplying the correct length of cables in terms of safety and efficiency; to testing your EV charging unit and expertly remedying any unexpected issues before we leave your home.

To find out more about our EV charger installations, call us on 0151 668 0794 or contact Peninsula Electrical’s expert team.