7 Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bill in 2020

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7 Ways to Save on Your Electricity Bill in 2020

As the new year approaches, many people are keen to understand how they can save on their electricity bill. From full scale refurbishment works to simple reduction techniques, the internet is full of articles explaining how to save money on energy bills.

However, not all of those guides come from trusted sources and industry professionals. To genuinely save electricity, you must follow tips from qualified experts. Here at Peninsula Electrical, we have decades of combined experience in all forms of domestic and commercial electricity services, and we want you to benefit from our expertise.

We duly present seven ways to save on your electricity bill in 2020:


Understand how to read an electricity bill

It can be difficult to save energy and limit expenditure without knowing how to interpret your electricity bill. While this may seem very simplistic, many of the terms used on bills can be confusing.

Deciphering true energy consumption and taking meter readings can be disconcerting for people who may never have been taught such things. Accordingly, educating yourself about the electricity bills is crucial to creating a strategy for success.

Many people switch energy provider to obtain a better deal elsewhere. However, to effectively execute a move, you must first understand your current supplier and energy tariff. We can help with any queries you may have.


Turn off lights you are not using

This may also seem simplistic, but it works. In a world of electrical gadgets and digital applications, simply turning off a light when you are no longer using it remains one of the most effective ways of saving money.

We all remember our parents shouting incessantly about lights being left on for hours, needlessly burning cash. Well, a lot of us see the point now as adults, don’t we? All those pennies add up.

Make a point of turning off the light when you leave a room or finish a specific task. Eventually, this will become habit, and the people you live with will follow suit. Sometimes, energy efficiency requires an old-fashioned approach, and we certainly endorse being prudent with light usage.


Find more efficient ways of heating your home and office

The largest portion of dual fuel energy bills is devoted to heating our homes and workplaces. Nevertheless, the heating bill is often overlooked in conversations about energy savings because people struggle to find innovative ways of staying warm.

Aside from putting on a sweatshirt, we recommend double glazing your windows and installing an energy efficient boiler. Moreover, those who draught proof their homes are better equipped to defend against heat loss, saving money as a result.

Sometimes, we have to think outside the box when trying to conserve energy and stay warm. Attempting to save on electricity bills is an exercise in making small, regular changes that add up to significant progress over time.


Turn off the standby option on gadgets

When you turn a television off with the remote control, it still continues to use electricity. The standby option creates a state of limbo for appliances whereby they remain available without being immediately active. Leaving gadgets on standby is also costly.

Nowadays, almost all appliances can be switched off at the wall without causing corruption or malfunction. Acquiring the habit of switching equipment off at the wall, and perhaps even removing the plug, can lead to massive savings in the long-term.

Stop burning energy on things you are not using. The television does not need to be on standby while you are at work, just as the charger for your mobile phones does not have to be wired up to your bedside plug socket permanently. Switch things off. It helps a lot.


Get smart with your electricity monitoring

The days of estimated bills are numbered. Modern technology makes it possible to monitor energy consumption in exact terms, meaning that you should only pay for what you use. That was not always the case.

Here at Peninsula Electrical, we strongly recommend that you obtain a smart meter, which allow for automatic meter readings and a live display of pounds and pence spent on electricity.

By switching to a smart meter, you are more likely to monitor your consumption. By extension, monitoring your consumption is integral to making changes that lead to savings.


Cut down on excessive electrical usage

We live in a wonderful world of incredible technology, but it can be tempting to let robots do everything for us. Mixing things up and using our own energy from time to time can help keep a few extra pounds in our pockets.

Washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers have become almost mandatory accoutrements of the modern kitchen, but they also consume vast quantities of electricity. We are often oblivious to their impact.

By simply cutting down on the number of washes we do each week, or by agreeing to wash the dishes by hand every so often, we can save on our electricity bills. It sounds basic and perhaps a little boring, but once again, it is proven to work.


Join the energy saving revolution

Lighting accounts for around 15% of the typical household electricity bill. Therefore, huge savings can be made by switching to energy saving light bulbs, which have become increasingly popular in recent decades.

As lightning efficiency has developed with massive strides in timers and sensor-operated systems, a cult has formed around saving energy. Environmental uncertainty factors into this trend, as people attempt to become more sustainable in their consumption of everything.

The Energy Saving Trust offers many impartial tools and calculators that can be used to define your contribution to a global efficiency movement. We highly recommend making use of their website before engaging our services to complete your desired projects with professional expertise.

Here at Peninsula Electrical, we are always on hand to discuss your electricity bill, helping to pinpoint potential efficiency savings. Our reputation in delivering value for money is second to none, and our services are built for long-term success.

Call our friendly team today on 0151 625 3441 for a free quote. Together, we can make 2020 the year you finally save some money on your electricity bill.


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