5 New Year's Resolutions You Should Be Making This Year (Electrical Safety Edition)

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5 New Year's Resolutions You Should Be Making This Year (Electrical Safety Edition)

That time of year is nearly here once again. The time where we all set new intentions – mainly ways to boost our health and fitness regimes. That’s right, another New Year is upon us.

Yet, as we spend time reflecting on this last year and sharing our changes for the upcoming year, what about considering something that could help or hinder 2020… our electrical safety.

Although this may not be as glamorous as vowing to hit the gym every morning, or spoiling ourselves now and again, it will do something much more important; it will potentially save our lives.

Here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we are passionate about the functionality and safety of electrics. So, to put our minds at rest, here are some electrical safety tips to follow and abide by this New Year.


Our guide to keeping safe all-year round

Before we share our electrical safety tips, ready for the New Year, it’s important to remember that your electrics should be maintained all year-round. Of course, this is easier said than done. Life gets in the way, where extension leads, and electrical appliances fall way down the list.

Yet, it’s important that we all make a conscious effort to maintain the health and safety of our properties; whether that’s for domestic or commercial use.

With this in mind, if you do have any electrical work completed, it is vital to always select professionals. By opting for a DIY or cheaper service, many risks may be present. Working with electricity or an electrical system can be very dangerous, yet exposure by the untrained eye to unsafe sockets or systems is even worse.

Additionally, if you do notice any electrical issues within your property, it’s important to resolve them as soon as possible. Before you know it, your electrical appliance and home could be damaged, resulting in a hefty cost, and even worse, injury or death.

Therefore, for your life, properties and bank accounts sake, following electrical safety tips should be prioritised annually – and not just when inspiring posts like this alert you.


New Year’s electrical safety tips to follow

Avoid fake phone chargers or plugs

This is definitely one of our electrical safety tips that the majority of the nation will need.

Phone chargers are now a necessity. We cannot go a day without charging our devices. Yet, after reading so many horror stories linked to fake phone chargers, it’s important to consider the safety of yours.

From charging your phone overnight, to leaving the house with numerous chargers plugged in, there are many safety issues with these habits. From electrical shocks, to damaging house fires, the smallest plug socket can cause chaos.

Before purchasing a fake charger or plug, consider the health and safety of their use.


Make a conscious effort to regularly check your smoke alarms

Smoke alarms are there to save our lives. They are a large part of many health and safety plans. Yet, many property owners will have little knowledge on whether theirs currently works – they will just assume that in the case of a fire, the batteries will spring to life.  

This is an occurrence we’ve heard repeatedly here at Peninsula Electrical Services, which is unnerving. Many of the nation will panic if their phone battery drops below 50%, yet continuously forget to check their smoke alarms.

We urge you to follow our electrical safety tips all year round.


Avoid overloading your plug sockets

Many individuals are guilty of overloading their plug sockets. Once in a while we understand that this can be difficult to avoid, especially with numerous electrical kitchen appliances. Yet, in this instance, extension leads are usually the answer.

It’s important to remember the safety rules of using extension leads. We advise customers to follow the ‘1 per socket’ rule when using extension leads or power cords. It’s also important to avoid plugging in one extension lead to another – this is an essential electrical safety tip to follow.


Register every single electrical appliance you own

Have you yet to register any electrical appliances? This may seem like a strange electrical safety tip to share. However, ever year, a large number of electrical items are recalled by manufactures. This is usually down to a fault, where a potential electrical shock or damage could be experienced.

Yet, by registering your electrical appliances, you’ll be added into the manufacturers database, ready to be notified if a recall does occur.

Imagine the number of items you could be using at home right now which may have been recalled. Another lifesaving safety tip to abide by this New Year.


Share these electrical safety tips with others

By sharing these electrical safety tips with others, you could save them time, money, damage and even a life. Whether that’s an elderly neighbour who may not have access to this article, or a relative who may forget to check their smoke detectors, like you, this advice could be invaluable.

Therefore, before you enter the New Year with a celebratory countdown, ensure you’re prepared with safe electrical systems, sockets and appliances.


Our services here at Peninsula Electrical Services

If you’re requiring any electrical work this New Year, here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we have the specialisms to help. Working on domestic, commercial and industrial scales, we offer a wide range of electrical services and guidance, prioritising health and safety.

With our aim to provide high-quality services, we are a NAPIT full scope registered company, with highly experienced electricians under our belt.

From property rewiring and security alarm instillation, to repairs and electrical reports, we offer a wide range of electrical services, catering to your needs.

Whether you have a question, an electrical emergency or would like to arrange one of our services, feel free to get in touch. Whatever the job, ensure health and safety is prioritised when working with electricity… And most importantly, be sure to follow our electrical safety tips this New Year and all year-round!

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