Fire Safety Tips: The Dangers of Buying Cheap Phone Chargers

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Fire Safety Tips: The Dangers of Buying Cheap Phone Chargers

Answer honestly, do you use cheap or fake phone chargers? Do you attempt to cut costs by avoiding branded chargers? This is becoming highly common across the UK, placing many households and individuals under risk.


Not only are the use of cheap, unbranded phone chargers on the rise, charging habits are becoming hazardous. From overnight use, to unattended charging, habits are going against UK safety regulations.


If you’re using cheap iPhone or mobile phone chargers, here are the associated dangers, which can cause detrimental impacts. Save your life and your loved ones by following our charging tips here at Peninsula Electrical Services.


The rise of cheap phone chargers

Now more than ever, cheap phone chargers are commonly used. With over 1.8 million chargers bought online each year in the UK, many individuals are either opting for unbranded chargers, or falling victim to potential dangers. This is a very concerning trend to see, placing many households, unknowingly, in danger.

What concerns our team even more here at Peninsula Electrical Services is the vast investment people will make when purchasing mobile phones yet will opt for a cheap or fake charger; known to actually damage mobile phone batteries, along with increasing chances of electric shocks.

Although fake phone chargers are cheaper than a branded charger, adhering to safety regulations should be prioritised over cost. Not to mention protecting your mobile phone from internal battery damage – ultimately incurring further costs in the long run; financially and through potential damage.

If you’re currently using cheap phone chargers, see our tips below on avoiding their connected dangers, along with ideal charging habits to follow.


How to avoid the dangers of cheap phone chargers

As obvious as it may sound, the best way you can avoid the dangers of cheap phone chargers is by purchasing legitimate, branded chargers. Although this will cost users more, what is worth more – your life or saving a few extra pounds on your phone charger?

Alongside avoiding fake chargers, we urge users to also avoid universal phone chargers. Although branded as handy, offering convenience for a number of different mobile phone models, batteries may overheat or blow. This is down to the different levels of charging required across the mobile phone range.

Avoid unnecessary spend in the long run, potential damage, injury, fire hazards or even death in some unfortunate cases, by opting for branded phone chargers.  


Our fire safety and charging tips

Alongside buying cheap or fake phone chargers, UK mobile phone users are now following hazardous charging habits, going against commonplace safety regulations. It’s vital to remember that chargers can overheat, become faulty or catch fire. Depending on your charging habits, you may increase the chances of these dangers or inconveniences. To avoid any dangers linked to charging your phone, see our charging tips below:

  • Do not charge your phone overnight.
  • Do not charge your phone unattended.
  • Do not use a faulty or damaged phone charger. Always purchase brand-new in this case.
  • Avoid using cheap or fake phone chargers. Always opt for a branded charger, no matter the financial cost. This could save your life.
  • Do not overload your power sockets at any given time.
  • Avoid charging your phone on flammable material – remember material locks in heat.
  • Aim to always charge your phone on a hard, inflammable surface.
  • Regularly check your phone charger for any damage.
  • Avoid universal phone chargers.


By following our safety guide, dangers linked to buying and using cheap phone chargers will reduce. Likewise, changing your charging habits will reduce the potential of damage, fire hazards, injury or electric shocks.


Why follow UK safety guidelines?

UK safety guidelines are in place to protect our nation. Providing standards to adhere to, any electrical device, appliance, chargers and cables, batteries or mobile phones should meet these standards.

With this in mind, as a nation, it is important that we continue to follow safety regulations, standards and tips to reduce any potential damage. Electrical devices can be unreliable. Faults do happen, requiring a recall. Yet, this can be managed professionally.

Avoid purchasing any form of electrical device that fails the safety standards and tests. Likewise, avoid completing any electrical works in your home personally. Great risk is linked to this. Therefore, we consistently recommend the use of specialists – whether that’s for electrical works, branded devices or legitimate charging cables.


Our electrical services here at Peninsula Electrical Services

Alongside sharing electrical safety tips and regulations, here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we are industry leaders, servicing the Wirral and the North West region. Through our wide range of domestic, commercial and industrial electrical services, we provide high-quality and safe electrical works.

From landlord electrical reports and certifications, and fire alarm installation, to emergency electrical needs, we can work across a wide range of areas. We further specialise in electrical works for home extensions, along with PAT testing and new build first and second fixes.

Whether you’re looking to arrange an electrical project, or currently have an emergency with your electrics feel free to contact our team. Our team are made up of fully qualified and extremely experienced electricians, all falling under our NAPIT full scope registered company.

Alongside our services, we are highly passionate about maintaining and communicating high safety standards in the electrical world. With this in mind, if you’re concerned that dangers may be present, surrounding your electrical works, appliances or even chargers, feel free to reach out. We recommend that specialist electricians should always be used when completing any form of electrical works, changes or even appliance inspections/tests.

To avoid damages, home fires, injuries or death, make sure to read our guide on reducing the dangers of cheap phone chargers. We also recommend following our guide on the perfect time and place to charge your mobile phones, breaking many unknowingly, hazardous habits.

Save your life, home, and money in the long run by complying with UK safety regulations and standards. Small changes could avoid drastic dangers, under your own roof.


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