Potential Fire Hazards in Childrens Bedrooms

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Potential Fire Hazards in Childrens Bedrooms

Potential Fire Hazards in Children’s Bedrooms


Protecting our families is a natural instinct. As parents, we will do our utmost, and then some to ensure our children are safe. In fact, we do this daily without realising – whether that’s plugging in seat belts, holding their hands to cross the road or wrapping them up in cotton wool (maybe literal in some cases). Yet, are we truly protecting our children in their bedrooms?

Do you currently know of any fire hazards in your children’s bedrooms? From electrical appliances and games consoles, to phone chargers, there are probably a number of fire hazard devices, situated in your children’s bedrooms as we speak.

Use this guide to protect your children, along with preventing fires in your home. Here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we’re passionate about sharing home fire safety tips and regulations. Be sure to follow our guide on reducing fire hazards, before shock, injury or fire damage are experienced.


How safe are your children’s bedrooms?

This is a scary question to consider, yet it’s important to ask yourself… how safe are your children’s bedrooms? As life takes over, checking the safety of electrical devices isn’t seen as a priority. Yet, before use, electrical safety measures should be activated. 

Do your children charge their phones on their bed or under a pillow? Are fake phone chargers used in your home? Do you leave your electrical appliances on, unattended? These are in fact common fire hazards, where many fires start. Head over to your children’s bedrooms and make all of these changes, while following our fire safety guide below.

It’s also important to educate your children on fire hazards, how to spot them and also how to reduce them. Setting out an escape plan from your children’s bedrooms is also advised to increase reassurance and safety in the case of a house fire.


How to avoid home fires

Home fires are unfortunately common. Years ago, fires would generally start down to an electrical fault. Yet, many house fires are now started from our own fault. From where we charge our electrical devices, to the chargers we use, there are many fire hazards in children’s bedrooms and beyond.


Charging your electrical devices

One of the most common areas in a home where electrical items will be charged is the bedroom. Specifically, phones or tablets are usually charged on the bed, under a pillow or placed on a rug. The scary fact of this is, material is known to lock in heat. Now imagine the amount of heat that is built up when charging electrical devices. Pair this heat with flammable materials, and you have yourself a high-risk fire hazard.

If this is a common activity in your children’s bedrooms, it’s important to educate them on the risks of chargers, and how easily they can catch fire on material.


Selecting the right charger

How often do you lose your branded charger? In this case, you’ll probably reach for the next best solution. In this case, fake or unbranded charges may be used to charge electrical devices. Yet, what shocks us here at Peninsula Electrical Services is that many individuals will invest heavily into electrical devices yet will scrimp on chargers.

Although this unbranded charger may have served you well this far, it is scary to hear the amount of UK households using fake chargers. Unbranded or fake chargers usually fail UK safety standards and regulations. With this in mind, there’s higher risk of electric shocks or fire.

Avoid fire hazards by opting for branded and tested chargers for your electrical devices.


Charging your devices at the right time

Of course, charging our devices overnight is a convenience. We ideally want to charge them at a time where we require little use. Yet, this is a fire hazard in itself. Each unattended charge will not cause issues, yet it takes one time to cause a fire.

This is now highly common in children’s bedrooms, charging tablets, phones or game console controls. This fire hazard should be avoided, following UK fire safety guidance.

Increase the safety of yours and your children’s bedrooms by reducing common fire hazards.


Avoid fire hazards in children’s bedrooms with our top tips

Here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we’re keen to reduce fire hazards across the nation. Here’s our top tips for reducing fire hazards in your home:

  • Only charge your devices while attended, using branded chargers.
  • Avoid charging any electrical devices on flammable materials.
  • Charge devices on hard surfaces only.
  • Do not allow your children to charge electrical devices overnight. Also ensure that electrical devices are switched off after use.
  • Create an escape plan, from your children’s bedrooms to use in the case of a home fire.
  • Ensure that electrical devices and appliances are tested and meet UK electrical standards.
  • If you’re opting for new electrical works, ensure that professionals are used. Here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we are specialists, following fire and safety standards.


By following the above, we hope that fire hazards in children’s bedrooms and homes across the nation can be reduced.


Our specialist services here at Peninsula Electrical Services

Alongside promoting safety tips, here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we specialise in a range of domestic and commercial services. Our team of electricians are passionate about ensuring high-quality, yet safe electrical works are completed across the Wirral and North West.

From property rewiring and security installations, to fire alarm installation and electrical reports, we specialise in a number of services. We further ensure that safety standards and regulations are met and followed when completing any electrical works. To back our standards, we will provide you with a certificate for reassurance.

Get in touch with our team today to arrange your electrical works or to communicate an electrical emergency. Be sure to also follow our top tips for reducing fire hazards in children’s bedrooms, homes and properties. The smallest electrical activity can cause a fire. Avoid damage, injury or even death in some unfortunate cases by adapting your device use and charging routine.

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