7 Ways to Improve Your Home Security

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7 Ways to Improve Your Home Security

Home security is an important topic to cover. After all, the thought of someone breaking into or damaging our personal properties is difficult to imagine. For individuals who’ve experienced this before, they will most definitely advocate for effective home security solutions; no matter the cost.

With this in mind, here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we couldn’t go by without sharing ways to improve your home security – hopefully deterring potential thieves from home break-ins.

From installing alarm systems and cameras, to deceiving burglars, here are 7 ways to improve your home security. 


Why home security is important?

Nowadays, home break-ins are very common. Unfortunately, burglars see opportunity within our personal properties and contents.

When looking at a property, you’d imagine that many potential break-ins occur at entry points. You’d also believe that home break-ins only happen at easy target properties or times. Home break-ins can happen anywhere, through any entry point, at any given time of the day. This is what makes them unnerving, the unexpected occurrence and result of a home break-in.

With this in mind, it is very important that home security is prioritised, through a range of alarm systems and self-help tips. It is important that steps are in place to protect your home while you’re out or away. Home security should be taken seriously, as small changes could deter damage, break-ins and stolen goods from effecting you.

See our advice for improving your home security below


Ways to improve your home security


Install security systems, alarms and security cameras

One of the most effective ways you can improve your home security is by investing into and installing security systems, alarms and cameras. Although this may feel like a big spend, imagine the financial and emotional cost linked to a home break-in.

Although security alarms cannot stop the physicality of breaking into a home, they do commonly deter and scare off thieves. By combining this level of security with carefully placed security cameras, you’ll have everything you need to reduce potential break-ins, along with covering your back if one is unfortunately experienced.

It is recommended that your security systems are installed by professionals to ensure that full functionality can be taken advantage of for full home security. You can now even opt for a smart home, where locks and security systems are automated.


Limit access to your home

Having doors and windows open, a number of accessible sliding doors, and a lot of space around the exterior of your property can increase the attractiveness of possible break-ins for burglars. With this in mind, it’s important that you limit access to your home in this instance. Ensure that safety locks are placed on all doors and windows, along with continuously ensuring that they are locked when out of use. It’s also recommended to move anything outside that could be used to break into a home, for example, a ladder or hammer.


Invest in a safe

If you do have any high valuable items, usually kept in your home, to improve your home security, we highly recommend investing into a personal safe. There are many home safes out there, available to purchase, ideal for domestic use.


Hide any valuables away

When you do leave your home, we highly recommend hiding away any valuables. This can be anything from spare car keys, money, jewellery, designer items and technological devices.

Remember anything of value will be viewed as desirable, as a money-making opportunity for potential thieves.


Avoid keeping spare keys outside of the home

Placing a spare key outside of the home is highly common. This will add convenience for everyday use, seen as a good idea. However, this can even add convenience for potential thieves. They will watch your moves and have knowledge of your spare key, while identifying the ideal time to enter your home.

Improve your home security by avoiding this activity. Never place spare keys outside of the property.


Avoid sharing your time away over social media

In a social media fuelled world, we love to share our trips away or holidays. However, this can be used as intelligence and motivation for thieves.

Improve your home security by delaying your posts. It’s also important to remember that home insurance can become invalid if a break-in is experienced, where the promoting of an empty home is made online.


Deceive potential thieves

Think Home Alone… Although this will not actively improve your home security, it will hopefully deter potential thieves, by believing that you’re at home.

From keeping your TV or radio on and opting for timed light switches, to investing into a smart home system, these are cost-effective ways to ultimately improve security. 

If you’re away for a long period of time, we do recommend asking a friend or loved one to house sit, boosting the security of your home for that period.


It is important to remember that break-ins can happen at any given time. Even if you’ve only gone out for 5-minutes, locked all of your doors and have vigilant neighbours, home break-ins can and do unfortunately happen. It’s also important to remember that life gets in the way. One day you may forget to lock a door or leave a valuable item out. With this in mind, you can never be too prepared by actively improving your home security. Make sure to follow our cost-effective self-help tips above to improve your home security for the long-term.


Our security installation services here at Peninsula Electrical Services

If you’re looking to install a security system or alarm in and around your home, here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we can help. We are qualified and highly experienced electricians, offering a wide range of services.

Within our services, we commonly help to improve home security by correctly installing security systems. With the hope to improve your home security, we highly recommend utilising professional services, ensuring that full safety functions can be used.

Get in touch with our team today to deter potential thieves from your home. If you’ve unfortunately experienced a break-in, we are sorry to hear of this. We highly recommend considering home security solutions, to deter future similar experiences.