What Are the Benefits of Air Conditioning?

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What Are the Benefits of Air Conditioning?

We all love a bit of air conditioning while on holiday. Yet, many UK households avoid the installation of an air conditioning system. Even some commercial properties avoid air conditioning, which is outrageous, when you consider the below benefits.

Here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we’re curious as to whether Brits have knowledge of the benefits, they are ultimately avoiding by shunning air conditioning systems in their homes and workplaces. Of course, many of us would opt-in for the hotter months, when we experience our short British summer. Yet, there are key advantages, alongside a comfortable temperature to consider, for all year-round use.

Here are the true benefits of air conditioning, along with how to install a system in your home or commercial premises with ease.


What is air conditioning?

In short, air conditioning is the process of removing heat and moisture from indoor air, resulting in an optimal temperature. This is known to increase the comfort of a space and reduces humidity, especially while living in hotter climates.

Air condition systems are commonly known for this exact benefit. However, there are many benefits of opting for an air condition system in your home or commercial property. Here’s what you could be missing out on, from better air quality, to reducing the risk of overheated electronical devices/equipment… And not to mention, helping us continue as normal through the summer months….


The true benefits of air conditioning

Reduces the risk of overheated electronical devices

Did you know that a hot area can damage your electrical devices? Have you ever attempted to use your mobile phone or laptop out in the sun? Soon, it will overheat and switch off. This can continuously happen indoors if the room temperature is high. Reduce the risk of damaged electronical devices by opting for an air condition system; favoured as one of its key benefits.

Reduces the risk of dehydration

Dehydration should be taken seriously. Did you know that when we stay in hotter temperatures for a long time, we sweat more? In turn, we are losing water from our bodies. Control your body temperature and reduce the risk of dehydration by investing into an air condition system. Plus, you’ll achieve a comfortable temperature over an open window.

Improves work performance/ability

How many times have your employees come into work, stating that it’s too hot to work? You can now avoid this hinderance by installing high-quality, air conditioning systems within your business premises. You’ll have the ability to control the room temperature, ensuring its comfortable to maintain performance, ability and a happy workforce.  

Reduces the potential for asthma attacks

Asthma attacks can become very serious. Attacks can be avoided by installing an air conditioning system, while also maintaining the cleanliness of air filters.

Air conditioning reduces humidity, while promoting clean air. As air quality will be higher, the system will filter air to reduce the quantities of allergens, pollen and any further causations. It is however important that for full capacity and air quality, air filters must be cleaned regularly.

Provides the optimal temperature for your needs

One of the most well-known benefits of air conditioning systems is the ability to achieve the optimal temperature for your needs. Like a heating system, air conditioning systems can be programmed and regularly changed to provide the room temperature you require.

Deters insects and parasites

Did you know that air conditioning systems deter insects and parasites from entering and staying in your home? In summer months, you’ll commonly open your windows. Yet, this welcomes insects and parasites into your personal space; sometimes unknowingly.  

Avoid this and protect yourself and your pets by experiencing the true benefits of air condition systems. You’ll have cleaner, safer indoor air to breath in.

Improves quality of air

As mentioned above, by maintaining the cleanliness of your air filters, you’ll be provided with cleaner, high quality air in your indoor space. This can deter insects, allergens, while promoting better wellbeing. This is very reassuring to know, all possible through air conditioning.

Known for preventing heat stroke

Whether you’re on holiday, in work, or in your own home, heat stroke can affect you. Combine this with dehydration and you’re looking at the potential of severe heat injuries. This can, however, be avoided by installing and using air conditioning systems, known for preventing heat stroke and heat related illnesses.

Reduces surrounding noise

Have you ever attempted to sleep through the night, in a built-up area, with your window open? It’s highly likely that you’ll be disturbed, along with the knowledge that you’ll probably be kept company by some insect friends. However, by avoiding this step, you’ll be sleeping in an uncomfortable, humid room.

Aim for a better night sleep, while reducing humidity and dehydration by opting for a domestic air condition system. This is one of the biggest benefits of air conditioning, noted by users for summer months.

Improves your home security

By controlling your room temperature through an air conditioning system, you’ll also have the ability to improve your home security. Open windows can attract potential thieves.

You can benefit from better air quality and comfort, while also having the knowledge that your home is locked, safer, and less desirable to thieves.


Our services here at Peninsula Electrical Services

Here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we advocate for the benefits of air condition systems. Whether that’s for a domestic property or a commercial space, there are many benefits you could be experiencing, with a high focus on comfort and safety.

However, it is important that if you do opt for an air conditioning system, that it is installed by experts. This will ensure that it’s safe, following electrical guidelines, along with offering full benefits through its usability and capacity.

For your air conditioning needs, we are expert electricians, with vast experience of installing air conditioning systems. Get in touch today and experience the true benefits behind investing into your own air conditioning system, for all year-round use.