Electrical Safety Tips for Pet Owners

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Electrical Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Our pets are a member of our families. Some are even treated as our children. Yet, are you protecting yours from electrical hazards?

If you have a dog or cat, or any other furry friends, it is important that you understand the impacts electrical shocks or hazards could have on them. It’s also vital to understand how your pets’ movements around your electrical systems and appliances could also put your family at risk.

See our tips for electrical safety for pet owners. Here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we are passionate about every angle of electrical safety. If you have any questions or concerns regarding electrical or fire safety in your home, feel free to contact our team today.


Why we must protect our pets and home

Pet owners, how important are your pets to you? It’s likely that they are very important. Yet, do you protect your pets from potential hazards? Do you have knowledge of potential electrical hazards that could be in your home right now? Many of the UK population actually lack knowledge of electrical safety measures.

However, to protect your pets and your home, it is important that you take on board our practical tips, ideal for pet owners. See our tips below for electrical safety, including your electric appliances, pet proof alternatives and also ways of protecting your home.


Electrical safety for pet owners

If you’re a pet owner, here are the tips we recommend following to promote electrical safety in your home:


Avoid leaving easy to reach electrical cords plugged in

This is of course easier said than done. However, electrical cords are very desirable to pets, especially when young and teething. Imagine your hair straighteners plugged in. Now envision your pet chewing their way through your straighteners electrical cord. Not only will this be hazardous for your furry friends, it will cause damage to your electrical items. This will then be highly hazardous to use, along with potential electric shocks for your beloved dog or cat.


Do not leave portable heaters around your pets

Portable heaters are an electrical hazard in themselves if not used correctly. With this in mind, if you leave your pets around them, you’re waiting for an accident to happen.


Avoid any contact between your electrical devices and pets

Did you know that electrical devices, such as your laptop or computer can overheat? A top tip for electrical safety for pet owners is to avoid any contact between your pets and your electrical appliances.

Your pet is likely to malt hair. Once this hair enters the air vents of your laptop, this can cause it to overheat; damaging your laptop and causing a potential fire risk.


Avoid overpacking your plug sockets

This is a general tip to protect your house on an electrical safety basis. By overpacking your plug sockets, you can place too much pressure on the socket, causing it to overheat and potentially catch fire. This should be avoided at all costs. Likewise, using multiple extension cables should be avoided to ensure electrical safety.


Avoid leaving flammable materials around

Flammable materials are high risk. With this in mind, avoid leaving them around hazardous areas, such as an amalgamation of electrical cords or electrical heaters. This could save your pets life if left alone in a hazardous surrounding.


Never leave washing machines or dishwashers fully on

Do you set your washing machine or dishwasher to start while out or sleeping? Leaving your electrical appliances fully on without physically being present is very hazardous. This is one of the most important tips for electrical safety for pet owners to consider, especially when pets are left alone around these surroundings.


Follow safety measures when charging your phone

Charging your phone under your pillow, leaving the electrical cord plugged in without charging your mobile phone and using fake phone chargers are all hazardous behaviours. Ensure your home is pet safe by avoiding high risk activities when charging your phone.


Avoid leaving anything with water in it around electrical devices

Pets can have accidents. Imagine a large quantity of water meeting your electrical devices. This can be extremely risky and result in great damage and a potential fire risk. Avoid leaving any form of liquid unattended around your pets.


Maintain the safety of your electrical devices and appliances

It is very important to protect your pets, your family and your home that you continuously maintain and test your electrical devices and appliances. Visual observations should be made to ensure that no electrical damages are present. You should always complete this by turning off your device’s power. Some devices will also need to be tested to ensure that they are usable and safe for purpose. It’s also vital that you only allow qualified electricians to complete electrical work in your home. This is one of the most significant tips for electrical safety for pet owners nowadays. Faults could present themselves when you’re out or asleep, causing great risk for your pet.


If you so any electrical damages, seek qualified support

If you are concerned about the electrical safety of your home or have identified electrical damages to your appliances, it is vital that you seek qualified support. Attempting to fix this yourself isn’t recommended. Likewise, electrical faults shouldn’t be brushed under the carpet. Faults can soon turn detrimental, resulting in fire or electrical injuries.


Contact our team here at Peninsula Electrical Services

If you require support with your electrical safety, we can help here at Peninsula Electrical Services. We are qualified electricians with vast experience, promoting health and safety as a key priority. We can help you resolve any electrical damages in your home, along with completing a wide range of electrical services.

We hope that our electrical safety tips for pet owners have helped, providing proactive steps to protect your furry friends even more. Likewise, electrical safety is very important for your own security and your home’s safety. Electrical safety steps should always be prioritised, no matter what. For more information, feel free to contact our team today.


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