Questions to ask your Electrician

Published March 23, 2018 Tags: registered electrician

Questions to ask your Electrician

Choosing an electrician is a very important decision, however, many people tend to go off recommendation rather than doing their own research. In fact, nearly 25 percent of the adult population based their choice of electrician on advice from friends or family. Although this is a good guage to the quality of the work we do not solely recommend it, as there are many unregistered electricians around which is dangerous as you do not know if their credentials are suitable to carry out electrical work to a professional and legal standard.  Not sure if the electrician you hired is indeed a registered professional? We’ve listed a few questions you could ask the electrician to help with your selection but you need to know why hiring a registered electrician is important in the first place.

Registered Electrician: Does It Matter That Much?

It does matter; electrical work needs to be perfect due to the possible health hazards in case of electrical issues. Badly installed electrical appliances and wiring could lead to danger for you and your family. We are sure you’d rather have an electrician who has the skills, experience and the registration to carry out electrical work in your home?

Legally, being a registered electrician is not obligatory in some cases. However, part P registered Electricians have full permission to carry out all kinds of electrical works. Their work is assessed on a regular basis which means that the standard of their work is being kept at a very high level.

Questions To Ask Your Electrician

Are you a registered electrician?

Directly asking the main question will get you far. Ask about which government approved scheme he/she is accredited by.

Can you prove you are accredited?

An uncomfortable question for some people, however it will ease your mind once you see proof of the registration. If they are unwilling to show you their accreditation, it could prove that the electrician does not have one.

Do you have any references and any references that I can contact?

Asking other people who have used the services of this electrician could be helpful advice if you are doubting the quality of your electrician. A good electrician will have many refences, an electrician without any is a cause for concern.

Can I get a breakdown of the quote/price?

A trustworthy electrician will be able to give a reasonable average/estimated cost, however, a higher than expected price after the works are carried out does not always imply swindling. Ask for a full breakdown of the price, and a trustworthy electrician should be able to send you an invoice with a breakdown of the works carried out. Jobs can change but the electrician should be upfront about any issues and potential additional costs.

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