Can Outdoor Lighting Increase The Value Of Your Home

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Can Outdoor Lighting Increase The Value Of Your Home

Any homeowner who’s planning to put a price tag on their property, or make their home more habitable, usually aims for home improvements that increase their home’s worth. Property experts will tell you that an old home can only earn you a few pennies on sale. Some home buyers may never even show interest in buying it.

As time goes by, new home designs are emerging, and what might have been the in-thing a decade ago may not be valued today. Therefore, to keep up with the changing trends, you’ve got to embrace home improvements that increase the value of your home.

If you’re planning to sell your home, increasing home value should be at the centre of your home improvement. Not every renovation will increase your home’s worth. Some may just enhance the beauty of your home without adding value to it. Therefore, before embarking on your remodelling journey, consult from an expert in real estate to help you go for what will add value to your home.

While many renovations can add value to your home, outdoor lighting has since gained popularity among most home buyers. From the look of things, most people are becoming more interested in a home’s curb appeal than in the interior space and design. If you’re a homeowner planning to sell your home at a handsome price, landscape lighting shouldn’t miss from your list of renovations. As much as most homeowners consider outdoor lighting for safety and security, with a few lighting fixtures, lighting can be incorporated into the overall landscape plan to add beauty to a home.

Over the years, our team of qualified electricians have learnt that not every lighting design can improve a home’s worth. You’ve got to be selective when choosing an outdoor lighting design for your home and you must hire experts to carry out the installation.

At Peninsula Electrical Services, we firmly believe that an Outdoor Lighting Installation can improve your home's value. Here are a number of reasons why...


How Outdoor Lighting Can Improve A Home's Value

It enhances home security and safety: By lighting the dark spots around the home, outdoor lighting improves the security and safety in a home. Most intruders are known to hide in places with obstructed sightlines to carry out their criminal activities. However, with a combination of outdoor lighting and motion detectors, you can keep off burglars. For most home buyers, safety and security come first when it comes to purchasing a house. Therefore, a home with proper landscape lighting would be a hot pick.

Enhances aesthetics and curb appeal: Imagine an illuminated backyard on a summers night? Sounds amazing, right? That’s what landscape lighting makes your home look like. It highlights the beauty of the exterior features of your to make it look more attractive. Again, by lighting the pathways, outdoor lighting makes navigation easier at night. When it comes to home buying, first impression matters. A home buyer may just choose to purchase the house simply because it looks beautiful from outside. Since landscape lighting highlights the architectural features of a home, it’s a great way to attract home buyers to your property.


Which Outdoor Lighting Ideas Can Improve A Home’s Worth

As we mentioned earlier, not every lighting design can improve the value of a home. It’s important to work closely with lighting professionals to achieve the highest outdoor lighting home value. They know the right lighting design for every part of your home. So, they’ll be able to position the landscape lighting strategically.

Here are some landscape lighting ideas that can add value to your home:


Front Yard Lighting

When it comes to designing a home, you should never overlook the front yard. It’s the first place any home buyer would notice before opening the door to see what the inside looks like. If a home buyer isn’t impressed by the styling of your front yard, they may not even open the door to your house. Apart from planting flowers around, you can use up-lighting to highlight the front of your door to increase your curb appeal. You can install lighting fixtures on the walls of your home to keep your front yard illuminated.


Backyard Lighting


While most homeowners usually overlook backyard lighting, it can add value to your home. Nowadays, most home buyers check a home’s backyard before making the purchase. A home with a backyard that’s well-lit is more highly-valued compared to one that only has a few lighting fixtures in the background. Therefore, ensure you illuminate your backyard landscaping if you’d like to get a high outdoor lighting home value. You can have lanterns or string lights strategically placed in the backyard. Additionally, you can have illuminated planters around to highlight the beauty of the flowers.


Pool Lighting

If you have an outdoor pool in your home, you must be the luckiest homeowner. This alone makes your home to be more valuable than others. However, you can still take the value a notch higher by lighting up the pool. For safety purposes, it’s important to light the pathways and the pool borders using LED lights. This not only makes the pool safer but also improves its visual appearance. With appropriate pool lighting, you’ll catch the attention of potential home buyers. Even so, ensure the lighting installation is done by a professional to keep the wiring safe from water.


Accent Lighting

While a beautifully contoured yard can increase the value of a home, it can only be complete if it’s accompanied by landscape lighting. A home that has a well-lit landscape will attract more home buyers than one that just has a beautiful landscape without outdoor lighting. It not only makes your curb appeal more attractive but also increases your home value. To highlight your home’s landscape, you can strategically place lighting in the surrounding areas; be it in the bushes, on trees, in the flowers, and shrubs.


Employing Experts To Install Your Outdoor Lighting

If you are sold on the idea of adding outdoor lighting to your property – then be sure to employ a qualified electrician to carry out the installation. Here at Peninsula Electrical, our outdoor lighting installation services are based on strict building regulations – ensuring a high-quality and professional installation.

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