7 Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

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7 Signs Your House Needs Rewiring

It can be difficult to acknowledge signs your house needs rewiring. We are always so busy these days, and faulty wiring is often last on the list of priorities. However, the dangers of deteriorating electrics can be life threatening, and building regulations are accordingly stringent with regard to inspections and testing.

Changing regulations increase the pressure on landlords to meet legal responsibilities, but homeowners should also be aware of potential problems.

Informed by almost two decades of experience rewiring homes across Wirral, Liverpool, Merseyside and the North West, we duly present seven classic warning signs your house needs rewiring.


You have experienced electric shocks

It can be easy to overlook electric shocks, but they are a warning sign that should not be ignored. If you have attempted to plug in electrical appliances and received a shock, electrical work of some description is needed. Shocks from power outlets are particularly dangerous, and they often foreshadow problems with your electrical installation.


There is a persistent burning smell in your home

If you notice a persistent burning smell but you are unable to find a distinct source, faulty electrical wiring could be to blame. Home electrical fires cause nearly 500 deaths and 1.3 billion in property damage per year. Spotting, or indeed smelling, the signs early and acting to instruct a qualified professional can make a huge difference.


Your outlets, sockets and switches are discoloured

A change in the colour of your outlets, sockets and switches can indicate loose connections and faulty wiring. Loose connections can cause sparking, which results in small fires behind the wall surface, hence the discolouring through charring. It can be difficult to differentiate between aged decor and burned furnishings, but regularly checking your full electrical system is advised.


Your fuses often blow due to a tripping circuit breaker

A circuit breaker effectively stops electrical flows when a circuit exceeds the number of amps it can handle. This is effectively a safety mechanism to prevent fires. Surges in electrical flow can put great pressure on a circuit breaker, causing it to trip. A blown fuse box is the most common symptom of this process, which is typically caused by bad wiring.


Your lights are flickering uncontrollably

It can be easy to see flickering lights and simply assume the lightbulb needs to be replaced. Often, that is the case. However, persistent flickering and dimming of lights can also be a sign of larger wiring problems. Professional light fitting is highly recommended to avoid having to totally rewire your home.


Your outlets are broken or out of place

Over time, your outlets can become damaged by repetitive use. Spotting an outlet that is broken or out of place can indicate potential wiring concerns. If wires are exposed, you should definitely seek the services of a qualified electrician. Likewise, if you hear a buzzing or sizzling sound when plugging an appliance into an outlet, the outlet needs to be replaced.


What Does Rewiring A House Mean?

Rewiring a property can cause short-term disruption, but the long-term benefits, in terms of health and safety, are fantastic. A partial rewire can sometimes be isolated to a specific room or area, but more often, a full rewire is needed to address chronic issues in ageing and poorly maintained buildings.

A full scale rewire usually happens in two stages. Firstly, new cables and aluminium wiring are installed, before the system is reconnected. Finally, new sockets, switches and lights are often installed as part of a rewire, with further upgrades – such as central heating - also being considered.

Naturally, older houses are more at risk of defective or degenerative wiring. The possible presence of asbestos, a common yet potentially fatal building material, must also be considered before attempting any rewiring job. Such intricacies make rewiring a complicated project, and one that is only suited to professional electricians with ample experience.


How Can Peninsula Electrical Help Rewire My Property?

The Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) recommends that a thorough electrical inspection is carried out on a property every ten years to monitor the condition of wiring. Furthermore, new legislation means that all landlords are obligated to sanction an electrical installation condition report every five years, safeguarding tenants.

We have a prolific track record undertaking such inspections and filing accompanying reports. More pertinently, we hold a strong reputation for guiding clients through any remedial works that may be required. Rewiring is one of our most popular services, and we have delivered fantastic results for clients and individuals in a range of sectors.

Where electrics are concerned, professional services should always be sought. This is especially true of complex rewires, which require intricate planning and effective implementation. Doing it yourself will not suffice, and neither will hiring an inexperienced electrician to cut costs. Leave electrical rewires to qualified electricians.

Similarly, electrical rewires can be messy, and that’s where experience can be vital. We are well versed in the logistics of such projects, which we have completed for large organisations and individual clients alike. No two rewires are the same, and we take the time and effort to craft a winning strategy that is also cost-effective for our customers.


Where Do I Start With An Electrical Rewire?

If you are experiencing any of the key warning signs outlined here, the first things you should do is turn off the electric supply and call Peninsula on 0151 625 3441. That is not an opportunistic sales pitch; it is merely an attempt to save lives and point you in the right direction to avoid major problems.

Our experienced team will provide frank, honest and trustworthy advice, signposting relevant services and providing additional information that will help you through a difficult operation. Don’t face an electrical rewire alone. Get expert support to prevent amateur mistakes.

We will support you through every stage of an electrical rewire, highlighting any concerns and recommending best practice for future maintenance. So if you spot signs your house needs rewiring, get in touch and begin your journey with Peninsula Electrical, Wirral’s premier electrical services provider.

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