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Audio Visual Equipment & Installation

Audio Visual Equipment can be an important part of your home’s interior. A clean installation of all your audio visual equipment could really complement your interior and its design. No need to put these excess cables, boxes or chaotic wiring on show.
Are you someone who’d rather not see the cables ruin your interior, or would you like the best audio visual products available for your new interior? At Peninsula Electrical we can help you in both cases. We offer an array of electrical products, from audio accessories to lighting sensors. We have a vast amount of experience when it comes to installing audio visual equipment. 

Audio Visual Equipment: What We Offer

We have a plethora of services and products at your disposal. From installing complex smart home systems by using state-of-the-art accessories, to installing data networks in expert fashion. A few of our services include: 

Multiroom Sound Solutions

If you like your music and you’re tired of interruptions through moving locations within your house, our multiroom sound solutions could be ideal for you. Through sensory systems, you can now take your music with you throughout your house. 

Home Cinema Installations

For film lovers who appreciate high-quality viewing, we could help you maximise your experience by setting up a home cinema of the highest standard. 

Intelligent Lighting

Good lighting can add to the charm and identity of your interior. With our state-of-the art lighting systems, you can now set the mood with by only using a simple button.

Data and Wi-Fi Networks

We are able to install a coherent network system for you, ensuring that the Wi-Fi signal is available throughout every corner of your house. 

Climate Control

The future of heating systems. Control the temperature of your home from an easy to use app.

CCTV Installation

We can help you set up an intelligent CCTV system to complement with your current alarm setup, so you have full view over the events that happen within the confines of your house. 

What Peninsula Can Do For You

Not only do we provide and install intelligent audio visual equipment, but we can also be of service when it comes to all your electrical needs. From alarm installations to rewiring your kitchens and bathrooms, Peninsula is the number one for electrical services in the Wirral. We also cover the Chester area. Call Peninsula Electrical today on 0151 625 3441 for more information on audio visual equipment and installation.