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At Peninsula Electrical, we help Wirral businesses improve their energy efficiency by providing EPC (Energy Performance Certificates) services across the region. 

Our electrical engineers are trained to visit your property and perform a full assessment to tell you your energy efficiency rating and inform you on what measurements you can put in place to improve your rating. 

In need of an emergency EPC assessment? We provide quick and easy EPC assessments so that you get the results you need fast and make sure you're ready to make your property less exposed to energy wastage.

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Trusted EPC Providers on the Wirral 

We have been performing EPC assessments for Wirral businesses for 20+ years and are trusted by all types of businesses on the Wirral including estate agents, schools, private landlords, office premises and more. We own a Part P accreditation to safely and effectively complete an assessment on properties to assess energy efficiency levels and provide comprehensive services to improve its rating. 

We provide an efficient, local service that is performed by our trained electrical engineers that thoroughly look at all aspects of your building for issues that may affect your energy rating.

We want your property to score as high as possible, which is why we provide you with our expert advice about measurements that you can put in place to increase your rating.

Why an Energy Performance Certificate is Required for Your Property

EPC Wirral

An Energy Performance Certificate is a document that assesses a property's energy efficiency by looking at various structural factors and scoring the property between A-G (A being the best, G being the worst).

First introduced in 2008, it is now law that when a property is built, sold or rented, you need to prove an Energy Performance Certificate before you put the property on the market. 

In 2025 new legislation states that all rental properties will need to achieve a C rating. Therefore, you will need to ensure your property electrical installation, lighting and appliances meet these requirements.

We advise that you have your property assessed prior to having the EPC carried out by a qualified electrician or energy assessor.

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Commercial EPC for Businesses on the Wirral

We provide energy performance certificates for businesses on the Wirral looking to improve their energy rating. Our engineers have completed assessments on a range of businesses on the Wirral, including:

  • Office spaces 
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Industrial warehouses and factories
  • Shops
  • New builds for property developments
  • Business centres

Performing an EPC at Your Wirral Property

When we visit your property on the Wirral, we will carry out an energy performance inspection across your building by looking at: 

  • Wall and loft insulation
  • Boiler system and heating controls
  • Hot water
  • Light fittings
  • Window type
  • Roof type

We then produce a certificate with information about a property’s energy use and recommendations about how to reduce energy use and save money. It looks similar to the sticker you receive when buying new kitchen appliances that shows the energy consumption of the appliances.

What You Will Get From an EPC Assessment

When you choose Peninsula Electrical to perform an EPC assessment on your property, you will receive an assessment performed by experienced engineer and a certificate that shows:

  • Assessment of your current energy rating and your potential rating
  • Energy savings difference
  • Top actions to improve your energy rating

What does an Energy Performing Certificate say?

The EPC mainly shows the energy efficiency of your property – with various grades and ratings. It runs from A to G -  with A being the highest most efficient rating, and G being the lowest. An A is often a new property that has been well-insulated, whilst a G is often an older house that has poor insulation.

An EPC will also show the estimated energy costs of your property based on the grading your property has received, in addition to the subsequent potential savings you could make by improving your home’s energy efficiency.

How Much is an Energy Performance Certificate on the Wirral?

Typically, the prices for an energy performance certificate start at around £60 but of course, if you have a very large house or commercial property this may cost a bit more as the inspection could take a longer time.

But we offer the best priced EPC certificates on the Wirral and have been trusted by local landlords, estate agents, commercial businesses and residentials for many years with our quick and convenient service.

Local EPC Services on the Wirral

We are a local electrical company based on the Wirral in Upton, so we can attend any EPC job in no time. If you want a reliable electrical company on the Wirral to perform an EPC assessment at your residential or commercial property then get in touch today. 

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