EPC Wirral 

At Peninsula Electrical, we have years of experience providing EPC (Electrical Performance Certificate) services for a very competitive price across the region. We serve the whole of the Wirral with electrical certificates at the best prices.

EPC Wirral



When Do I Need an Energy Performance Certificate?

When a house is built, sold or rented, as you need to prove an Energy Performance Certificate before you put your property on the market. EPC requirment came into for in 2008.

If your home has been built or sold since, it should have a valid certificate. An EPC is valid for 10 years. The same law applies for commercial properties.

There are a few exceptions however,. An EPC is not needed if you are renting a room from a landlord that lives in the same property.  

In 2025 new legislation states that all rental properties will need to achieve a C rating. Therefore, you will need to ensure your property electrical installation, lighting and appliances meet these requirements. It is advised that you have your property assessed prior to having the EPC carried out by a qualified electrician or energy assessor. Get in touch with our experts today on 0151 244 7473 for more information on Energy Performance Certificates.


What Information Should an EPC Show?

When we visit your property on the Wirral, we will carry out an electrical performance inspection. We then produce a certificate with information about a property’s energy use and recommendations about how to reduce energy use and save money. It looks similar to the sticker you receive when buying new kitchen appliances that shows the energy consumption of the appliances.

The EPC mainly shows the energy efficiency of your property – with various grades and ratings. It runs from A to G -  with A being the highest most efficient rating, and G being the lowest. An A is often a new property that has been well-insulated, whilst a G is often an older house that has poor insulation.

An EPC will also show the estimated energy costs of your property based on the grading your property has received, in addition to the subsequent potential savings you could make by improving your home’s energy efficiency.


What Our EPC Assessors Can Do For You

The law currently states that your rental property should be rated E at the minimum. Unless there is an exception made for distinct reasons, you could face a penalty up to £4,000 if your building does not meet the required standards. At. Peninsula, we have years of experience with EPC’s.

Whether you are an estate agent or a private landlord, our professional service is highly recommended across the Wirral and Merseyside.

Not only can we fully grade your property’s electrical efficiency, but clearly pinpoint the issues that could hamper you from putting the property on the market.

Call us today on 0151 668 0794 for more information on our electrical performance certificates, or other electrical based works.

How Much is an Energy Performance Certificate in the Wirral?

Typically, an energy performance certificate is around £60. Of course, if you have a very large house or commercial property this may cost a bit more as the inspection could take a longer time.

But we offer the best priced EPC certificates on the Wirral and have been trusted by local landlords, estate agents, commercial businesses and residentials for many years with our quick and convenient service.