Property Rewiring Liverpool

We ensure that your property's electrical outlets are in working order and follow electrical safety regulations with our property rewiring and upgrade services in Liverpool. Working on both commercial and domestic properties, our experienced team of electrical engineers complete basic rewiring and full strip-outs on properties of all sizes for businesses and homeowners. 

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Why Does a Property Require Rewiring?

Properties with old or faulty may require rewiring to provide reliable and consistent electricity throughout your property. Poor wiring may be hazardous for people when using appliances, as well as not being energy efficient which can be more costly on energy bills. For replacement of old wiring, it will require a full strip out by experienced electrical engineers. 

If there are additional electrical appliances required around areas of the property, it will require new light fittings and plug sockets to power them. This will require wiring upgrades, where an electrical engineer can install brand-new wiring around the property and possibly an additional fuse board (depending on the size of the property).

Property Rewiring for Homes and Businesses in Liverpool

Our team of reliable electrical engineers continue to help homeowners and businesses rewire their properties to ensure that their electrical appliances are running properly and safe to use all year round. 

Residential Rewiring Services

Our team of engineers visit homes across Liverpool and Merseyside to provide high-quality rewiring services. If you're seeking brand new rewiring for old, faulty wiring or looking to fit new plug sockets and lights in areas around your home, our team can get the job done.

Commercial Rewiring Services

We understand it's vital for electricals to run smoothly for businesses in Liverpool. This is why our team visit your commercial property to provide reliable and safe commercial rewiring.

Our team perform full strip outs and wire replacements for all types of commercial and industrial properties including: 

  • Offices
  • Schools and nurseries
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Cafes
  • Shops
  • Restaurants

Businesses need to ensure the safety of employees at all times, which can be at risk when it comes to faulty electrical wiring. Poor wiring can be hazardous for employees to use and put them at risk of serious injury; if your wiring is faulty or hasn't been checked within 10 years, which is recommended by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET), then we recommend that you seek a survey by a professional electrical company. 

Property Rewiring Services in Liverpool

Full Strip Outs and Wiring Replacements

Older, worn-down properties may require a full strip out of their wiring and replacement with brand-new wiring to ensure that appliances run reliably and safely for those using them. Strip outs are larger jobs and take longer, but provide you with long-lasting reliable electricity for many years without further issues.

Rewiring Upgrades and Fuse Boards

If you're looking to upgrade your property wiring with new electrical sockets and lighting then we can provide rewiring upgrades, as well as fitting new or additional fuse boards in your property. 

Fuse boards are the hub for your property's electrical circuit, so it's vital that it's in working order and reliable. We can replace your old fuse boards with a new one that will ensure all of your sockets and light fittings are working accordingly. 

If you're adding new electricals to your property and the load is too much for your current fuse board then you may require an additional one installed. 

Why Choose Peninsula Group?

At Peninsula Electrical, we pride ourselves on our electrical services and continue to serve our customers across Liverpool, Merseyside and Cheshire. We have a team of fully-qualified electrical engineers that are trained to perform electrical services at your property safely.

  • NAPIT accredited
  • 20+ years experience
  • Local, reputable company
  • Team of qualified engineers 

Local Liverpool Electrical Engineers

We are based on the Wirral, just a short drive away from Liverpool. Our team are responsive and can meet your project needs as soon as possible to meet your project deadlines. 


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