Security Light Installation Wirral

One of the most effective ways of safeguarding your property, is by installing security lights. It can bring you just that extra level of comfort, to know that one extra layer of security can be extremely effective in deterring burglars entering your property. We can offer fast, secure and very high quality security light installation, as we do with all of our electrical services at Peninsula, whether it be landlord certificates or rewiring of your property

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Security Lights: How They Work

Most security lights work by detecting motions near your door through sensors. What the sensors pick-up are passive motions, some through infrared sensors and some through photo sensor motions. The Infrared sensors pick up heat from humans and animals, and the photo sensors use a specific laser beam to find any movements.

Both are extremely effective sensors, and a combination of the two should be even more effective. This minimises the chances of triggering a false alarm, as the lighting will only happen if both heat and movement occur.

How effective is Security Lighting?

Security lighting as a sole deterrent for burglaries will be limited. It’s meant to be an extra layer of security for those who already have a burglar system in place. The essence of it, is to discourage a potential burglar of breaking and entering your property. But, another factor is the choice of placement. Are you going for one light at the front door, or multiple lights around a full area? Full area coverage is a better and more secure solution, as you will have more spots covered, rather than just your front door.

At Peninsula, we can help you canvass the area around your house carefully, to recommend the best places for your security light installation Wirral.

Security lighting Installation Wirral: How We Do It

From removing all the original wires and fixtures, to installing and programming the sensors. At Peninsula Electrical, we offer the best security light installation Wirral. Contact us today for a quote or if you have more questions about security lighting

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