Power & Lighting Installation in Wirral

As electrical appliance become more abundant within our homes, families can find themselves short on sockets. All too often, homes are dependent on extension cables and multi-sockets that lead to regular tripped fuses and, in extreme instances, house fires. There is nothing wrong with using extension cables on an occasional basis, but relying on them has the potential to leave your home at risk. A much more suitable option is to install new sockets that are tailored to your needs. Whether commercial or domestic, our expert electricians can provide you with all the advice you need - and with our highly competitive prices, you’ll be surprised how cost effective this can be.

As well as additional power, more and more of our customers are returning to us in order to explore options for new lighting. It’s amazing how minor adjustments to existing lighting arrangements can give your home a whole new lease of life. We are only too happy to provide advice on a wide range of modern lighting solutions and mood lighting that has the power to immediately transform the atmosphere within your home.

Our electrical upgrades don’t need to be confined to the home – Peninsula Electrical also specialise in installing external weatherproof sockets and outdoor lighting that meets the highest safety standards.

So if you would like any more information regarding our additional power and lighting services, don’t hesitate to contact us on 07453 055 080, or alternatively, submit an enquiry.