Electrical Testing and Inspections

Looking for your electricals to be thoroughly tested at your property? At Peninsula Electrical, we perform a series of rigorous tests and assessments on all types of electrical appliances to make sure that they are running propertly and safe to use. Once we've finished, you'll be left with a certification to prove that your property is safe and efficient for use which shows your home or commercial property are fully compliant with legislation.

Why is Electrical Testing Important?

Ensuring that your electricals are in working order and safe to use by other people in the property. If you are a commercial business or a landlord then you are responsible for the safety of your employees/tenants that require use of your electrical appliances.

If your electricals are not in working order and are hazardous then it is putting them at risk which makes you repsonsible, as a business owner or a landlorrd, should there be a serious injury or fatality.

Although electrical testing itself is not legally regulated, if an employee or tenant is affected by poor electrical standards then as the property owner you can be held accountable and prosecuted.

EICR Testing and Certification for Landlords

We perform electrical testing to provide landlords with an EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) which identifies a series of potential hazards caused from poor electrical standards.

It is a legal requirement for landlords to optain an EICR and have a new assessment atleast every 5 years. This is to prove that your electricals are in working order and safe for use by employees or tenants.

PAT Testing

With hundreds or thousands of electrical appliances in your property, it's important to make sure that they are safe to use for tenants or employees of your business. 

Although PAT testing isn't legally required, it is recommended that all of your appliances are examined and tested atleast every 12 months to avoid risk of harm to those in your property. If your electricals are not of standard then as a business owner or landlord, you are at risk of prosecution.

EPC Assessments

An EPC assessment consist of a series of tests within a property to deem it's energy efficiency via energy rating. Following the assessment, you are provided with potential issues with your property that is harming your rating and measurements that you can put in place to improve it. 

As of 2025, the new EPC regulations state that all rented properties must be a rating of C or above to be suitable for tenants to live in. This means that if you're a landlord, it's important that you receive an EPC and take actionable steps to make it compliant in 2025.

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