Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) have been a must-have legal requirement since October 2008. This requirement applies to all buildings, whether sold or rented, including domestic properties on the market since 2007.

Valid for 10 years, an EPC is an energy assessment, measuring the efficiency of a property and its impacts on the environment. Rated between A and G, the most efficient properties will fall towards A on the EPC scale, and the least towards G.

Mandatory for all properties on the market, an EPC helps homeowners/landlords, sellers and buyers/tenants save money on energy bills and protect the environment. Providing accurate assessments, future forecasts, and recommendations, EPCs are instrumental when cutting and managing energy supply.

Finding a local Liverpool EPC provider will be possible here at Peninsula Electrical, specialising in domestic and commercial electrics.

What are Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)?

EPCs assess and highlight the efficiency levels of a property, prior to its sale or rental. Completed by an energy assessor, EPC assessments are used to gauge the environmental impacts that a property carries.

Falling across an EPC rating spectrum, properties can rank from A to G, reflecting the energy saving capabilities of a building. Assessments will also offer future forecasts and tips on how to improve the efficiency of commercial and domestic energy, such as better insulation and double glazing.

Domestic and commercial EPCs help to save money on energy bills, by recommending energy saving solutions. Certificates also help to safeguard the environment, by setting minimum legal standards.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) are valid for 10 years and must then be reassessed in order to place a property on the market. Standing as a legal requirement, a property owner who fails to invest in an EPC will incur a monetary penalty, charged as a breach of duty.

Who needs an EPC?

Homeowners and landlords with active properties on the market will need an EPC, available via a Liverpool EPC provider.

All property owners have a duty of care and responsibility to provide a full overview of energy levels.

Properties on the market for sale can rank between A and G. The average in the UK ranks at a D rating. There are however minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) for rental properties, requiring a minimum rating of E. If properties are assessed below E, improvements must be made before a property can be rented. In some circumstances, an exemption can be applied for if all improvements have been made, discounting MEES.


Commercial EPC for Businesses in Liverpool

We continue to help businesses in Liverpool and the rest of the Merseyside area with their energy efficiency endeavours by performing energy assessments on their property. 

Our electricians swiftly perform EPC assessments on various commercial buildings and properties and provide advice about how they can take action to improve their rating. We have worked with numerous businesses including: 

  • Schools and nurseries
  • Office spaces
  • Shops
  • Industrial warehouses and factories
  • New builds for property developments

What does an EPC involve?

An EPC assessment will involve a full property evaluation. Construction, lighting, domestic boilers, windows, floor and loft insulation, and radiators will all be assessed to measure the flow and quality of energy in a property. 

Both domestic and commercial properties will require an EPC assessment, each involving specific points of evaluation.

As every property is different, ratings and recommendations will vary across each assessment. Most standard sized properties will however take 30 minutes to assess.  


Who can do an EPC?

Energy Performance Certificates must be completed by an accredited energy assessor. A legitimate assessment and certificate can then be obtained, along with energy saving recommendations.

By selecting a EPC Liverpool provider, an accredited and legally qualifying service can be experienced.


How do I book an EPC?

Book an EPC in the Liverpool area by contacting our team at Peninsula Electrical. Contact us on 0151 668 0794, offering free EPC quotes for both domestic and commercial properties.


Why choose Peninsula Electrical

Here at Peninsula Electrical, we are a team of fully NAPIT approved electricians, serving both domestic and commercial customers. Our services are fully accredited and insured to deliver quality and safe electrical assessments and solutions.

Finding a reputable Liverpool EPC provider will be possible through our offering, serving customers in and around Wirral.

With years of experience under our belt, we’re fully aware of the legality and responsibility behind accurate and up to date EPC assessments. We offer the full EPC service by assessing your property, by offering future savings forecasts, and by helping you boost the energy efficiency levels of your building.

Also available to support with PAT testing, CCTV installation, alarm installation, electrical rewires and many more services, we can deliver reliable electrical support.

Arrange a Liverpool EPC provider, along with our additional services on 0151 668 0794.





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