Less than 1 percent of burglaries in the United Kingdom happen in houses with an alarm system. That is a statistic that proves that a burglar alarm system can be very effective in deterring potential burglars, and with the price of buying and installing an alarm more affordable than ever it’s something more and more home owners are doing. This is a result of the progress made in wireless technology. A wireless burglar alarm is simple, effective, cheap and easy to install. This could mean a wireless alarm is now rivalling the classic hardwired system.

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Wireless Burglar Alarm System Wirral vs. Hardwired Alarm System

The classic hardwired alarm system is solid and very trustworthy. However, in modern households there tends to be no place for a hardwired alarm system due to the lack of practicality. Having a wireless burglar alarm system will not only be more pleasant and clean to look at, but it brings none of the practical issues due to the absence of wires.

Fitting and installing a wireless burglar alarm for a professional is a relatively simple task, that can be done in a short space of time. Compare this to installing a hardwired system which takes a lot more time and effort, resulting in higher installation costs. The mess and building work required to house the wires for a hardwired system can put some people off. With a wireless burglar alarm Wirral there is no destruction or disruption to your house; a wireless burglar alarm can be installed anywhere within your property as your alarm is not dictated by wiring constraints. This is because wireless alarms run and communicate through radio signals, whilst a wired system runs through the wires.

Are you renting a house, but you still want some extra security? A Wireless Burglar system is portable, light and as said, cheap and easy to install. Many landlords do not have an issue with the install of a wireless alarm system, as there will be no changes made to the structure of the house.

Wireless Burglar Alarm Wirral: How Peninsula can help you.

At Peninsula, we can offer a dual-installation in combination with CCTV. You as a business or home owner can view the footage of the wireless burglar alarm system in case it ever gets triggered.

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