Pro Tips on How to Keep Your Wires Organised

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Pro Tips on How to Keep Your Wires Organised

As we all know, keeping wires organised can be a tedious ordeal. In a world of gadgets and appliances, equipment and accessories, we are constantly plugged in to dozens of power chords and charging stations, aerials and extensions. Cable management is often overlooked, but living tangle free can be easy to achieve.

With a few simple changes, you can enact cable minimalism, organising wires and improving safety standards across the board. Here at Peninsula Electrical, we have seen the best of both worlds, dealing with dangerous cable overloads and helping in electrical safety inspections leading to great improvements. That makes us well placed to offer the following pro tips on keeping wires organised.

10 Essential Tips for Organising Cables

Invest in a cord management kit

A number of retailers offer great all-in-one cable management kits including cable ties, storage boxes and cable sleeves. If your wires are jumbled, using this type of cable organizer can be a useful stopgap solution, allowing you to separate tangled cables and begin sorting them out.

Embrace the wonder of wire cable wraps

While organising wires definitively can be a slow process, gathering them with the use of wire cable wraps can deliver an immediate aesthetic boost. Loose cables just look cumbersome, and bringing them together behind one piping system can be an effective short-term solution. Cable wraps are in vogue these days, and they can certainly buy you time in which to deal with larger underlying issues.

Try DIY cable management options

If you do not want to pay for a fancy cable management kit, there are probably disused items lying around the house that can be used to similar effect. There are various internet tutorials showing you how to turn toilet roll holders into cable storage devices and how to use washing line pegs as cable clips. With a bit of imagination, and perhaps a little masking tape, you can detangle your wires in no time.

Label your wires to keep them organised

We have all been there, trying to find the HDMI cable protruding from the television among a spaghetti bundle of wires. We pull at this wire and nudge that one, yank at this cable and trace that one, growing more frustrated by the second. Labelling your wires with sticky tags or a marker pen can make a massive difference, saving time and ensuring you do not unplug the PlayStation mid-game!

Shorten wires to make them more manageable

Not all wires need to be extended to maximum length. Where possible, try to keep devices as close to plug sockets as possible. This helps to minimise trailing cables across the room, stretching wires dangerously. It also minimises the likelihood of jumbles and tangles, making things more manageable.

Stop using so many extension leads

Daisy chaining cables or plugging one extension lead into another should be avoided at all costs. Aside from the physical dangers of fire and electrocution, using too many extension leads is just plain confusing. If you want to multiple the number of electrical outlets from a single source, use a power strip instead. They are safer and easier to manage than multiple extension leads.

Limit the amount of cables on your desk

Our workspaces can be a haven of tangle wires. We have computers and docking stations, telephones and USB leads. Desks can quickly become dangerous and difficult to manage. Try to feed all cables through one central hole in your desk, keeping wires organised and safe. This also helps with workplace health and safety standards, reducing the likelihood of slips, trips and falls linked to exposed wires.

Bag and label spare wires

We are all guilty of hording more cables and wires than we need. A lot us have wire drawers or cable cupboards brimming with tangled wires. Every six months or so, we may need to dig through, looking for a spare charger or extension cord. It is rarely a pleasant experience. Rather than throwing cables mindlessly into a hidden stash, place them carefully in transparent bags and label what they are actually used for. This may be a mundane task, but it will save a lot of time and confusion in the long run.

Unplug appliances you are not using

When was the last time you switched on that lamp? Do you ever intend to charge that e-reader? Why is that Blue-ray player still plugged in even though it has not been used for years? The easiest way of keeping wires organised is to unplug them and store them smartly if they are not being used.

Have designated charging stations in your house

Rather than lumping all chargers together, creating a messy jumble, try to divide your devices into more organised areas. Creating designated charging points can release the burden and organise your wires accordingly. It is even possible to buy all-inclusive charging stations that feature just one large plug with multiple charging points, minimising the tangle.


Here at Peninsula Electrical, we are experts in rewiring properties to maximise efficiency and limit dangerous overloads. The design of buildings, rooms and spaces can play a crucial role in keeping wires organised, and we have vast experience of electrical refurbishment, streamlining safety for our clients.

Founded in 2003, we are a NAPIT full scope registered company that provides the highest quality of service to all sectors. From additional light fitting in domestic properties through to full-scale commercial shop fitting, our team has the experience and vision to create a winning strategy for your electrical requirements.

No job is too big or too small, so reach out whenever you need us. If you are frustrated by bundles of wires, contact our friendly team today on 0151 541 4511 to discuss your options. We can help with additional plug sockets, full electrical rewires and works on much larger scales, giving you a versatile partner on which to rely. With our professional help, you will never find yourself in a tangle again. Give us a call to sort out your spaghetti of wires.


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