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Electrician in BirkenheadNAPIT Approved Penisula Electrical provide can provide an experienced and reliable electrician in Birkenhead to carry out works on domestic and commercial premises.

Whether your requirement is a full electrical rewire or socket replacement, we treat all jobs the same to ensure that all our customers receive the best service possible.

The service we provide to our customers is absolutely crucial to us, this is why we have established services such as 24-our callouts to ensure that we are available at all times.

24-hour callouts are not typically offered by electricians in Birkenhead. This is why we decided to offer this service as many customers need around the clock access to our service as electrical faults can happen at any time of the day.

This makes Peninsula Electrical different from most electricians in Birkenhead as we understand the effects electrical problems can cause for businesses as well as domestic households.

By ensuring that our electrician is available at all times we can deal with any issue within the hour ensuring that business is not disrupted or in domestic cases, much-needed sleep can continue.

It’s the peace of mind in knowing that no matter how serious the issue, our customers will always be able to count on us to fix it.

To ensure the electrical work we carry out in Birkenhead is of a high standard, our electrician Birkenhead carries out thorough diagnostic testing and fault finding before work is completed.

In order to make sure our work is carried out to the highest standard possible and is fully compliant with British Standards BS 7671 (IEE), our Birkenhead electricians will undertake thorough fault finding and diagnostic testing before completion of any job.

As part of our dedication in proving the best possible service to our customers, we will always aim to respond your request as quickly as possible with our approved electricians in Birkenhead able to arrive within the hour in locations throughout the Birkenhead and wider Wirral area.

We ensure a quick service by making sure that all calls are handled as efficiently as possible to ensure that you spend as little time possible worrying about what to do next when dealing with electrical faults.

This also ensures your safety as we must stress that if you are dealing with an electrical fault you must not tamper with any wires or electrical components as the circuit could very well be live and touching it could result in very dangerous consequences.

With our service, such issues aren’t a problem as our electricians will always aim to be with you within the hour to ensure that any disruptions are short-lived. Our electricians in Birkenhead provide a service that is as efficient as possible whilst still carrying out all the necessary checks before completion as safety is paramount to us.

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The Services our electricians in Birkenhead can offer

Our Birkenhead electrician can offer an abundance of services including:


We welcome electrical jobs of all sizes

We are a local service meaning that no matter what the requirement is our electrician in Birkenhead will always be on hand to help.

Whether you are in need of a large scale electrical rewiring or a switch installation we like to treat all jobs of the same magnitude as it helps us maintain the highest standards at all times.

We have worked for commercial and domestic clients in Birkenhead all needing different requirements, it’s this variation of work we offer that makes us a service that is truly for all.

Most people refer to us a Wirral Electricians which we are but it’s our ability to provide an electrician in Birkenhead and other specific areas in the Wirral that makes us unique.

If you are looking for a local Birkenhead electrician, then please get in touch with our team today.


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We aim to answer all queries as fast and as efficiently as possible, if you need an electrician to come out urgently then this is also something, we can arrange with our electrician in Birkenhead able to arrive within the hour.

Whatever your requirements are we will go the extra mile to make sure that they’re met, call us on 07453 055 080 for more information.


FAQ Electrician Birkenhead

How do I know if my Electrician Birkenhead is actually licensed?
Directly asking the main question will get you far. Ask about which government approved scheme he/she is accredited by. Our Electricians are accredited to British Standard BS 7671 (IEE).
Can I get a breakdown of the quote/price before the work is carried out?
A trustworthy electrician will be able to give a reasonable average/estimated cost - but the estimated cost can be occasionally off - there could be some hidden issues that take more time and tools in order to sort it out. Ask for a full breakdown of the price, and a trustworthy electrician should be able to send you an invoice with a breakdown of the works carried out

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