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House Extension Electrician Wirral

Are you looking to complete a home refurbishment or a house extension? In this scenario, it is highly important that you utilise the expertise and standards of a qualified electrician. Completing any form of electrical work can be dangerous to the untrained eye. Therefore, to ensure health and safety is maintained throughout, and long into the future of your house extension, employing a competent person, in the form of an electrician, will be recommended.

Here at Peninsula Electrical Services, we are NAPIT approved, commercial and domestic electricians, serving Wirral locals with our electrical work and specialities. From a simple socket rewire, to designing and installing electrical work for a house extension, we offer high quality service, prioritising standards, safety and building regulations.

Request a FREE quote for electrical work, no matter how big or small the job, by contacting our team. Considering a specialised house extension electrician in Wirral will be beneficial.


Why Use An Experienced Electrician When Completing A House Extension?

When hoping to complete a house extension, you’ll be starting all work from afresh. In this instance, it is highly likely that limited existing circuits will be present within this area. With this in mind, to carry an existing electrical circuit from your home, the expertise of a house extension electrician will be required. Here, electricity from your existing building can be carried safely to your new extension, along with assessing the safety of your current wiring.

It’s important to remember that completing any form of electrical work, whether that’s in your existing build or house extension, can be highly dangerous. Many individuals who’ve attempted to save costs through DIY electrical work have unfortunately experienced the likes of an electric shock or greater investment in the long-term to rewire the whole structure.

Therefore, we will always recommend utilising the skillset of a house extension electrician, with vast experience of wiring a new space through following electrical installations guidelines. Additionally, when making any form of improvement, electrical works will need to comply with Part P of the building regulations, ensuring that the existing wiring is up to standard, matching the new electrical circuits. On completion of this work, you will receive a building regulations compliance certificate to uphold the safety of your new house extension, existing build and complete electrical work.

Although working with a house extension electrician in Wirral will cost greater than completing this work yourself, you’ll benefit from securing a safe electrical structure, within your home or building. Without following this route, risk of damage or danger is likely to individuals within the space. Minimise any potential risk through utilising our specialised electricians, with vast experience in house extensions here at Peninsula Electrical Services.


What Electrical Work Will Be Needed When Completing A House Extension?

When it comes to electrical work for a house extension, a number of steps and guidelines will need to be followed.

Firstly, a full assessment of existing electrical works will be required, along with running through requirements to offer a quotation. This step is highly important to ensure that existing circuits meet health and safety guidelines; if not, a complete rewire will be required to meet the building regulations and safety tests.

Next up, the design and installation of the new electrical works will begin for the house extension. Plans will all vary depending on client needs, for example, whether a central heating system is required, along with the installation of light switches and sockets.

Once the new electrical work has been connected up to the existing electrical circuits, our specialised house extension electrician will test the safety and functionality of your complete circuit; this will ensure your structure is safe while also making sure electricity can run through the whole property.

If standards have been met, you will be provided with a building regulations compliance certificate, ensuring that standards meet Part P of the building regulations.


How Much Will It Cost To Hire A House Extension Electrician in Wirral?

When considering electrical work on a house extension, prices can vary significantly. Depending on each client’s requirements, along with the standard of existing electrical structures, quotations will be made on a per project rate.

Further details which will influence price includes whether electrical circuits are required for central heating systems, additional plug sockets and light switches. This will all require extra work from a house extension electrician, resulting in greater investment.

To discuss your house extension, get in touch with our team today. We can offer a realistic quote based on your personal requirements. Although an investment will be required, investing into the services of a house extension electrician in Wirral will offer great value.


Finding An Electrician In Wirral You Can Rely On

If you’re searching for a house extension electrician in Wirral, consider our specialists here at Peninsula Electrical Services. We’ve worked on a variety of projects across the Wirral, catering to our client’s specific electrical requirements.

Alongside our electrical services recommended for house extensions, we offer a wide range of design and installation services. From property rewiring and upgrades, to the installation of security systems, we specialise in a number of electrical areas. Working across both commercial and domestic properties, we can work on small to large projects, offering a high standard throughout.

If your plan is to complete a house extension, this is a large, costly job. When considering the structure of your new build, you’re more than likely to avoid completing this yourself by employing a specialised builder. Follow a similar route when considering the electrical design and installation of your house extension; ensuring your whole project is safe and following building standards.

Ensure safety is maintained from start to finish by investing into a house extension electrician. Without this, risk of damage or danger is likely, along with future costs. We can complete this to safety standards, ensuring that your existing building and new house extension are secure. Call us today to find out further information on our local electrical services.